Structured Wiring

Most industry experts recommend budgeting 1-2% of the finished cost of a new home for low-voltage structured wiring. This does not include amplifiers, speakers, televisions or other equipment that will be installed after the construction is completed.

Our goal is to maintain the highest standards for your custom built home with professional installation that will add visible value to your project. AVS routes all cabling to the ceiling joists and keeps wires off the attic floor to avoid possible damage during the life of the home.

AVS takes great care to avoid running low- and high-voltage wires in parallel to minimize noise and electrical interference. We do not use the high-voltage holes in the studs but always drill separate channels specifically for our low-voltage cabling.

Attic Prewire

Each wire is labeled for easy identification during termination and trim-out as well as any future upgrading for the home owner. AVS uses printed labels that are resistant to moisture, heat, smearing, solvents, chemicals and even UV rays.

Whether using install brackets or specific speaker brackets, AVS takes time and care to align the future speaker locations with other things like lighting and HVAC vents to maintain the aesthetic beauty and symmetry in your home. The same care is taken when positioning brackets for volume controls and keypads to match other light switches mounted on your walls.

There has been much advancement in wireless technology but at present, none are as secure, fast or reliable as a good foundation of wires in the proper locations in your home. For example, a space heater would never be as good as a furnace for heating your home. The space heater is convenient and will be a compliment to your furnace, but not a replacement.

Structured Wiring Panel

Planning for the future is extremely important when pre-wiring a home. Even though you may have spent the extra money to upgrade from Cat5e to Cat6 wiring, technology will continue to improve. During the construction of your home, AVS installs “smart tube” conduit in key locations to make running additional wiring in the future an easy task.

Audio Video Systems is strongly committed to providing builders and their clients with a professional and pleasant home building experience.

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